Developing Quality Assessments

Quality assessments are based on state, district, or school standards with the capacity to provide valuable feedback to teachers and students, while serving as a vehicle to raise cognitive demand of instruction and learning.  The focus on assessment design includes selective and constructed response, performance assessments, and rubric development. The critical components of universal design, bias and sensitive issues included in this training all affect how accurately an assessment measures what students know, understand and are able to do..*CLICK HERE* to learn more.

Guiding Instruction Using Formative Assessment

Guiding Instruction Using Formative Assessment provides strategies that encompass three levels of formative feedback, giving teachers real-time information to adjust instruction, and bringing students into the center stage of the learning process. Students are involved in meeting goals that standards and curriculum dictate and are empowered to take charge of their own learning. They become actively involved in their own learning and collaborative learning with their peers. *CLICK HERE* to learn more.

Promoting Higher-Order Thinking Skills With Engagement & Motivation

Promoting Higher-Order Thinking Strategies into learning experiences not only motivates students to participate and learn, but makes them more capable of thinking critically, responding creatively, and carrying that learning into real life situations.  Engaging Instructional Strategies, Strategic Questioning, and Scaffolding raise the Metacognitive ability of students and increase their capacity to grapple with challenging learning experiences. *CLICK HERE* to learn more.

Building a Motivated Student Learning Environment Through Engagement and Motivation

Building a motivated student learning environment is the result of research-based, classroom-tested Routine, Reflective, and Rigorous instructional strategies that engage students and increase their ability to learn in a variety of ways.  Formative feedback, involving students with their own learning, learning with their peers, and higher order thinking strategies pave the way to a highly engaged and motivated classroom.*CLICK HERE* to learn more.

Developing Classroom, School or District Writing Across the Curriculum

Developing skill in solid instructional practices for providing writing skills across the curriculum is critical to student success in school and success in life. This workshop is designed to give all teachers specific skills needed to enhance Creative Writing, recognized Traits of Writing, and Text Development Analysis (TDA)/Document-Based Assessment (DBA) skills for all students. *CLICK HERE* to learn more.

Creating a Highly Engaged and Effectively Managed Classroom Environment

Implementation of strategies designed to develop and support effectively managed classrooms results in students on task, well-behaved, and engaged in the lesson.  Educators will gain strategies for building positive relationships with and between students, respond to day to day challenges with new effective strategies, and make their classrooms an asset for learning.  *CLICK HERE* to contact us to discuss your needs in the area.


About Your International Trainers: Patricia & Terry

Dr. Patricia Crum and Terry Crum  are specialists in classroom management/building-wide student behavior, differentiated instructional strategies, 21st Century learning strategies, student motivation and engagement, formative assessment and standards-based assessment..  Both Patricia and Terry are certified, highly rated international trainers for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness (CTE). Along with CTE, Terry & Pat have developed and trained on a series of educational topics through TLC Educational Solutions. Besides CTE and TLC Educational Solutions, they have held consultative positions with the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as federal grant reviewers in the areas of Early Start, Head Start, Communities and Schools, Healthy Marriages, and Fatherhood. Both have served on Educational Service Unit #3 Assessment Bias Review Panels. They have traveled extensively consulting with schools and providing professional development to educators. Their strong felt belief in the old adage, “in education if you are not moving ahead, you are falling behind, there is no such thing as standing still “, is a driving force in their continuing efforts to help teachers and administrators become more effective. Patricia and Terry have also served as consultants for the Opportunity Education Foundation, an organization currently working with nearly 1700 schools in 11 countries, whose mission is to make quality education accessible to children in developing nations. Patricia and Terry combine their vast education experiences to make an informative and motivational presentation team. Patricia draws from her 30+ years of experience as a classroom teacher in science and math as well as over 10 years in her current role as Research Associate and Project Manager District-wide Assessments.  Patricia does over fifty workshops and trainings with administrators and teachers each school year. Terry is a retired classroom teacher and school administrator with 30+ years educational experience at EVERY grade level PS-12. He has done presentations and training for over 25 years on topics such as: discipline strategies, school culture, brain-based learning, parenting, student risk & protective factors, child-abuse/neglect, and leadership. Terry has been honored for his educational endeavors and programs at the local, state and national levels having received awards from the Governor of Nebraska as well as receiving an award at the White House from the President and Vice-President of the United States. Patricia and Terry have done presentations and training for thousands of administrators, teachers and parents. When you schedule Patricia and Terry for professional development with your school staff….. You get two outstanding presenters-one great training! Photo TLC & PC-130

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