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Developing Quality Assessments

TLC Educational Solutions Strategy-Based Professional Development on-site workshops are specifically designed to provide the skills needed for educators to teach and interact with today’s students, “to stay on the cutting edge of their profession”. Educators are challenged to construct or select quality assessments to effectively measure what students know, understand, and are able to do.  With the support of our TLC Educational Solutions Training Resource Manuals, which each workshop participant receives, step by step guidelines and strategies are provided and can be incorporated into the classroom. Whether at an on-site workshop or invitational seminar, we provide teachers and administrators with strategies designed to guide decisions necessary for quality assessment.

Workshop Sessions

Selecting Assessment Types to Accurately Measure Skills and Understandings.

The assessment types available for determining what a student knows, understands, and is able to do have expanded greatly over the past few years.  The question is, “Which type of assessment do I use to accurately gain information to support my purpose and my goals?”  The overview of the Quality Criteria of Assessment and Assessment Types moves the teacher and administrator on the road to developing and/or selecting reliable measures to meet specific goals.

Developing Selected Response and Constructed Response Items

All assessments involve some sort of selected response or constructed response process.  Specific criterion exist for each type of assessment to assure it is an accurate measure of student knowledge and skill.  Understanding how to design or select assessment items that result in high quality assessments allows teachers to have accurate information to monitor and adjust instruction and provides support for fair grading practices.

Supporting Performance Assessments Using Rubrics to Inform Instruction and Validate Student Learning

Recognizing the value of Performance Assessments is the first step toward developing authentic experiences that measure the ability of students to apply their learning.  The reliability and fairness of these assessments lies in the selection of rubric design and development of rubrics.  Both teacher scoring rubrics and student-friendly rubrics for self and peer assessment have specific places in the learning process. Rubrics are not designed to directly translate into grades; however, research-based processes can be used to convert rubric scores into grades.

Assuring Universal Design and Removing Bias and Sensitive Issues in Assessment

Whether assessments measure what is intended and whether assessments are fair is impacted by the design features and absence of bias and unintentionally built in sensitive issues. Consideration for diverse student needs, from vision to culture, and life experiences, affects the measures of student learning and performance.

Raising Cognitive Demand and Rigor.

In education we recognize that instructional strategies are a key to raising the cognitive demand and rigor of student learning.  Gaining skill in designing assessment items to raise cognitive demand without raising the difficulty level allows all students to gain more from their assessment experiences. Embedding components that reflect the level of confidence the student has in their answers, and their skill level makes that assessment a more powerful tool in the learning process.


About TLC Educational Solutions, LLC

TLC Educational Solutions is a company that provides high-quality, strategy-based professional development for teachers and administrators throughout the United States and Canada. Strategy-based means that the on-site workshops or invitational seminars are planned and delivered to not only give the participants information about the educational topic, but more importantly provide researched-based strategies the educators can go back to their classrooms and schools and use immediately.

Patricia and Terry Crum (TLC Educational Solutions) are certified international trainers for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness (CTE), and the highly-acclaimed Time To Teach program. As associates with CTE, they offer two main trainings:

  • “Classroom Management Strategies That Work”
  • “Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Student Motivation & Engagement.

Patricia and Terry also provide international on-site workshops and invitational seminars on a series of additional strategy-based educational topics through TLC Educational Solutions to include the following:

  • “Creating a Highly Engaged and Effectively Managed Classroom Environment
  • “Building a Motivated Student Learning Environment through Engagement and Modeling”
  • “Guiding Instruction Using Formative Assessment”
  • “Promoting Higher-Order Thinking Skills with Engagement & Motivation”
  • “Developing Quality Assessments”
  • “Developing Classroom, School, or District Writing Assessments”

Our TLC Educational Solutions Classroom Strategies for the 21st Century workshops are offered independently or with the integration of technology (for example the “Maximizing Student Engagement with Instructional Strategies and Technology” workshop.). These TLC Educational Solutions workshops each have a manual that doubles as a workshop training manual while also providing teachers with an on-going resource to support their professional development. The  workshops and manuals are personalized to meet the specific needs of the schools.

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What We Can Do For Your School

Work with you to…..

  • Increase learning and reduce disruptive behavior
  • Utilize strategies that actively engage students
  • Give students increased opportunities for reflective and rigorous feedback
  • Stimulate student engagement in the classroom
  • Strengthen appropriate evidence of learning
  • Develop effective formative, summative, and performance assessments
  • Increase cognitive demand and higher-order thinking skills
  • Build healthy classroom relationships
  • Control factors that contribute to learning and behavior
  • Enhance academic achievement and behavior success
  • Give teachers more time to teach curriculum
  • Improve teacher job satisfaction

TLC Educational Solutions Professional Development can be delivered utilizing a variety of different formats:

• On-site workshop for individual buildings or specific groups of teachers in a large district i.e. New Teachers.
• Shared On-site workshop for several small schools or groups of small schools, hosted by one of the schools or at a location that best accommodates a group.
• Train the Trainer Seminars for school systems that would prefer to have district staff serve as trainers for individual buildings.
• Invitational Seminars with per person pay. We offer Invitational Seminars in several locations across the country each year.


  • “Having all of these resources is great! The dynamics of the presenters is awesome!"
    High School Teacher
    West Roxbury, MA
  • “Excellent Seminar! Great strategies. I am looking forward to applying them in my class!"
    8th Grade Teacher
    El Centro, CA
  • “I am a thirty year veteran.  I thought I’d seen all…done all.  However, I learned more today about successfully managing my classroom than I have in thirty-seven years of experience.  Maybe I’ll sign on for another five years!”  
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    Jim N.
    Classroom Teacher
  • "I can't tell you how much I enjoyed and learned from the workshop. I have used many of the things that were discussed at the workshop. What a difference it has made in my classroom! I can't wait to start my school year with all my new knowledge."
    Pre-K Teacher
    Kingston, MA
  • "The “Time to Teach” training that we received at our beginning of the year in-service was both informative and interesting.  It is hard to keep a group of teachers actively interested for such a length of time, but you managed.  It was truly a blessing.  Thank you!"
    Junior High Language Arts Teacher
    Omaha, NE
  • “These strategies are absolutely the best, most teacher-friendly, student-caring discipline strategies I have encountered in 40 years of teaching! This was the most gratifying professional opportunity of my teaching career!"
    Pamela S.
  • “Hands down the best training I have attended in my 35 years in educations. Truly useful strategies that should make a difference."
    Burt S.
    4th Grade Teacher
  • "I have been implementing many of the strategies learned. Due to the time of year, I am sure to see even greater results in the fall. I have noticed change. Well worth the day! You were great presenters and I found the resources so helpful. Thanks again!. I am letting administration know about the seminar."
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    Middle School Science Teacher
    East Bridgewater, MA
  • "I thought that Time to Teach was very helpful.  Over a lot years in education with many workshops and in-services, it was refreshing to attend one that tied so many of the different methods together.  It always feels good to have what I am doing in the classroom reviewed and affirmed. I appreciated that we didn't have to sit and listen all day.  The group activities were productive and enjoyable."
    Gayle G.
    Kindergarten Teacher
  • “It’s nice to have an in-service that keeps our attention as well as provided useful information. I will actually leave here having learned something that can be applied immediately! Thank you, thank you, and thank you.”
    L. C.
    10th Grade Language Arts Teacher
  • "Pat and Terry were very informative and engaging. The resources, presentation, and videos were very helpful". 
    Second Grade Teacher
    Taunton, MA


Patricia & Terry are internationally certified trainers for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness as well as independent trainers and educational consultants for TLC Educational Solutions, which is their personal business. They work directly with schools and school districts to provide workshop proposals, schedule Professional Development, and provide experiences that will meet the needs of the staff that attend their workshops and seminars. Patricia and Terry provide professional development and consultation to schools and districts in the areas of Classroom Management, Differentiated Instructional Strategies, Strategies for Student Motivation & Engagement, Higher-Order Thinking, Formative Assessment, and Developing Assessments. Our TLC Educational Solutions workshops are offered independently or with the integration of technology (for example the “Maximizing Student Engagement with Instructional Strategies and Technology” workshop).


Teaching - 35+ years
School Administration - 19 years
Educational Training - 25+ years
Educational Consulting - 15 years
Federal Grant Reviewing - 10 years

Creating a Highly Engaged and Effectively Managed Classroom Environment

Implementation of strategies designed to develop and support effectively managed classrooms results in students on task, well-behaved, and engaged in the lesson.  Educators will gain strategies for building positive relationships with and between students, respond to day to day challenges with new effective strategies, and make their classrooms an asset for learning.

CLICK HERE for more information 

Building a Motivated Student Learning Environment Through Engagement & Modeling

Building a motivated student learning environment is the result of research-based, classroom-tested Routine, Reflective, and Rigorous instructional strategies that engage students and increase their ability to learn in a variety of ways.  Formative feedback, involving students with their own learning, learning with their peers, and higher order thinking strategies pave the way to a highly engaged and motivated classroom. For more information …CLICK HERE 

Classroom Management Strategies That Work Professional Development

Time To Teach Classroom Management Strategies That Work! is a research-based, evidence-based, highly successful set of classroom management strategies. Schools, districts, and teachers that undergo the nationally-acclaimed training developed by the Center for Teacher Effectiveness, routinely report a surge in: test scores, student on-task time, teacher job satisfaction, time available to teach more curriculum, and parent/community involvement and support…CLICK HERE 

Guiding Instruction Using Formative Assessment

Guiding Instruction Using Formative Assessment provides strategies that encompass three levels of formative feedback, giving teachers real-time information to adjust instruction, and bringing students into the center stage of the learning process. Students are involved in meeting goals that standards and curriculum dictate and are empowered to take charge of their own learning. They become actively involved in their own learning and collaborative learning with their peers. To learn more about this training ……CLICK HERE 

Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Student Engagement & Motivation

Time To Teach Differentiated Instruction (DI) is a consistent DI teaching method that helps teachers reach students who are unmotivated, unwilling, or unable to work. By presenting many different strategies, teachers will be able to plan lessons that will touch on many different modes of learning. Included in this training will be strategies on brain-based learning, effective learning strategies, learning how to develop lessons blending kinesthetic, social, inter/intra personal learners and many more. Tiered lessons, story-telling, tools for randomizing participation will be presented… CLICK HERE 

Promoting Higher-Order Thinking Skills With Engagement & Motivation

Promoting Higher-Order Thinking Strategies into learning experiences not only motivates students to participate and learn, but makes them more capable of thinking critically, responding creatively, and carrying that learning into real life situations.  Engaging Instructional Strategies, Strategic Questioning, and Scaffolding raise the Metacognitive ability of students and increase their capacity to grapple with challenging learning experiences. …CLICK HERE 

Developing Quality Assessments

Quality assessments are based on state, district, or school standards with the capacity to provide valuable feedback to teachers and students, while serving as a vehicle to raise cognitive demand of instruction and learning.  The focus on assessment design includes selective and constructed response, performance assessments, and rubric development. The critical components of universal design, bias and sensitive issues included in this training all affect how accurately an assessment measures what students know, understand and are able to do. CLICK HERE 

Developing Classroom, School, or District Writing Across the Curriculum

Developing skill in solid instructional practices for providing writing skills across the curriculum is critical to student success in school and success in life. This workshop is designed to give all teachers specific skills needed to enhance Creative Writing, recognized Traits of Writing, and Text Development Analysis (TDA)/Document-Based Assessment (DBA) skills for all students. CLICK HERE

Maximizing Student Engagement with Instructional Strategies and Technology

Engaging students with instructional and technological strategies that honor individuality and each person’s learning style, proving opportunities for on-going, meaningful feedback, developing student ownership of their own learning, and incorporating instructional strategies that promote higher-order thinking skills are all key components of effective education in the 21st century.CLICK HERE for more information.


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Uganda Martyrs Primary School

Since 2007, Patricia and Terry have been involved in education in Uganda, Africa. They have visited a number of schools in Uganda on several occasions to observe educational procedures in this Third World country. They have worked closely with two schools in a remote part of Uganda… CLICK HERE

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About Your International Trainers: Patricia & Terry

Dr. Patricia Crum & Mr. Terry Crum



Patricia and Terry draw from over 40 years of educational experience in the roles of teacher, coach, administrator, presenter, and district level leader.  Together they bring PreK-12 experience and presentation skills to engage teachers and administrators in developing effective instructional, technological, and classroom management strategies.  They offer a variety of professional development workshops in classroom management, differentiated instruction, higher-order thinking, student engagement & motivation, and formative assessment.

Terry integrates humor with his skill in connecting research-based educational practices with strategies teachers can take into their classrooms, use the very next day, and throughout the school year.  His classroom experience and PreK-12 administrative background, bring understanding and appreciation of the needs of educators today. He is creator of school programs that have been recognized with state and national awards including one awarded by the President and Vice-President in the White House Rose Garden.

Patricia combines her extensive classroom experience in private and public schools with skills gained in her current role as a district level leader for PreK-12 curriculum, instruction, and assessment in a large suburban school district to provide practical strategies for educator professional development.  She is a Presidential Teaching Award Finalist and co-author of an American Psychological Organization book and other publications.

Educators attending Patricia’s and Terry’s team-taught workshops experience strategies modeled, practiced, and integrated with time to process how they can implement new strategies into their classrooms. Schools looking to support their teachers’ growth in 21st Century and College & Career Ready skills will find Patricia and Terry there to assist.   Large and small schools find flexibility in Patricia’s and Terry’s ability to meet their professional development needs.  Included, but not exclusive, is the opportunity to choose workshops with or without integration of technology.

You get two outstanding presenters-one great training! 

Schedule incredible professional development for your staff!