“Having all of these resources is great! The dynamics of the presenters is awesome!"
High School Teacher
West Roxbury, MA
“Excellent Seminar! Great strategies. I am looking forward to applying them in my class!"
8th Grade Teacher
El Centro, CA
“I am a thirty year veteran.  I thought I’d seen all…done all.  However, I learned more today about successfully managing my classroom than I have in thirty-seven years of experience.  Maybe I’ll sign on for another five years!”  
Image title 11
Jim N.
Classroom Teacher
"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed and learned from the workshop. I have used many of the things that were discussed at the workshop. What a difference it has made in my classroom! I can't wait to start my school year with all my new knowledge."
Pre-K Teacher
Kingston, MA
"The “Time to Teach” training that we received at our beginning of the year in-service was both informative and interesting.  It is hard to keep a group of teachers actively interested for such a length of time, but you managed.  It was truly a blessing.  Thank you!"
Junior High Language Arts Teacher
Omaha, NE
“These strategies are absolutely the best, most teacher-friendly, student-caring discipline strategies I have encountered in 40 years of teaching! This was the most gratifying professional opportunity of my teaching career!"
Pamela S.
“Hands down the best training I have attended in my 35 years in educations. Truly useful strategies that should make a difference."
Burt S.
4th Grade Teacher
"I have been implementing many of the strategies learned. Due to the time of year, I am sure to see even greater results in the fall. I have noticed change. Well worth the day! You were great presenters and I found the resources so helpful. Thanks again!. I am letting administration know about the seminar."
Image title 02
Middle School Science Teacher
East Bridgewater, MA
"I thought that Time to Teach was very helpful.  Over a lot years in education with many workshops and in-services, it was refreshing to attend one that tied so many of the different methods together.  It always feels good to have what I am doing in the classroom reviewed and affirmed. I appreciated that we didn't have to sit and listen all day.  The group activities were productive and enjoyable."
Gayle G.
Kindergarten Teacher
“It’s nice to have an in-service that keeps our attention as well as provided useful information. I will actually leave here having learned something that can be applied immediately! Thank you, thank you, and thank you.”
L. C.
10th Grade Language Arts Teacher