What is Time To Teach™ Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Student Motivation & Engagement?

Differentiated Instructional Strategies for student motivation and engagement is an approach to your classroom that addresses and honors the many learning styles of your students. Time To Teach Differentiated Instruction (DI) is a consistent DI teaching method that helps teachers reach students who are unmotivated, unwilling, or unable to work.
By presenting many different strategies, teachers will be able to plan future lessons that will touch on many different modes of learning. Included in this training will be strategies on brain based learning, effective learning strategies, learning how to develop lessons blending kinesthetic, social, inter/intra personal learners and many more. Tiered lessons, story-telling, tools for randomizing participation will all be presented.

Using our nationally acclaimed strategies, you will learn how to reach every student in the classroom – regardless of student profile.   You will be proficient and able to:

Gain tools for promoting positive feelings in the classroom:

* Explore ways to bring more of yourself into the classroom.
* Use movement to stimulate positive affect and deepen understanding.
* Learn fun strategies to ask for and respond to student feedback.

Discover strategies for stimulating attention and interest:

* Keep students on their toes with a variety of randomization techniques.
* Lead students to deeper levels of understanding through specific questioning techniques.
* Rediscover storytelling as a way to draw students into learning.

Design lessons that are high on the “meaningful and relevant” meter:

* Guide students to make personal connections to key concepts.
* Use a fresh approach to visual images to stimulate interest and engagement.
* Encourage input from everyone with brainstorming.

Help students build confidence and self-efficacy:

* Prepare kids to respond on demand and under pressure.
* Learn safe, fun ways for students to show what they know.

…and much more!

  • Reach students you’ve never reached before.
  • Facilitate deeper levels of understanding and learning.
  • Be better equipped to recognize and respond to individual needs and interests.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues to enhance your learning and teaching effectiveness.
  • Have more fun with your teaching!

Student engagement is like a slinky–both ends (teacher and student) must do their part! (Blackburn, 2009)


Time To Teach is an evidence based, highly successful set of strategies that tens of thousands of teachers are using and have been using for over four decades.

Our research and data spans back six decades.  We have determined what strategies have proven to help children and teachers, which are verifiable and replicable and which are supported by all current and eminent researchers like Robert Marzano.

Our impact goes much further and deeper than on just student learning.  In addition to an improvement in student behavior following our training, schools also report 1) a rise in teacher job satisfaction, 2) a rise in student scores, 3) a decrease in referrals, 4) a decrease in dropout rates and suspensions, 5) an improvement in the feeling tone in classrooms and throughout the building, and 6) that our strategies have allowed them to finally achieve the systemic cultural change they had been seeking for so long.


Key Components of Time To Teach™ Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Student Motivation & Engagement

The strategies taught in a Time to Teach™ Differentiated Instruction Workshop are based around Five Key Components:

1)     Promoting Positive Feelings 

2)     Promoting Attention/Interest

3)     Promoting Connectedness and Relevance 

4)     Promoting Self-Efficacy 

5)     Sharing Best Practices 



Component 1: Promoting Positive Feelings

  • Bring yourself into the classroom
  • Using Movement: Vote with your feet
  • Concentric Circles
  • Target in the middle
  • Asking for Feedback

Component 2: Promoting Attention/Interest

  • Randomizing
  • Questions
  • Storytelling

Component 3: Promoting Connectedness and Relevance

  • Synectic Journey
  • What’s the Story with?
  • Brainstorming
  • Nominal group technique

Component 4: Promoting Self Efficacy

  • Dynamic Tension: Hot Seat
  • Extempore

Component 5: Sharing Best Practices

  • Matrix Planning

Our DI Beliefs

Belief 1:  All students are different
Belief 2 :  Differentiated Instruction is the implementation of strategies to reach multiple learning styles and intelligences.
Belief 3:  Students should be taught content in the best way that they learn.
Belief 4:  Differentiated Instruction is for all learners!  Big or small, experienced or young, all learners deserve the best opportunity to learn.
Belief 5:  Differentiated Instruction should be used in every lesson we teach!
Belief 6:  In order to be fair to all students we must differentiated their learning and our instruction.
Belief 7:  Not all kids learn the same information at the same time or even at the same rate. Not all teachers teach the same and not all curricula can be taught the same.  (Robinson, 2008)
Belief 8:   Students have different modalities of learning.
Belief 9:  Depth of knowledge is as important as breadth of knowledge.
Belief 10:  Students need a reasonable amount of pressure to perform at peak academic levels.


Time To TeachTM Differentiated Instructional Strategies
for Student Motivation & Engagement
On-site Training

Learn What We Can Do For Your School

Professional Development Opportunities from Time To TeachTM
  1. “Classroom Management Strategies That Work!”;

  2. “Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Student Motivation & Engagement”;

TLC Educational Solutions Professional Development can be scheduled and provided utilizing a variety of different formats:

  • On-site Training for individual buildings or specific groups of teachers in a large district i.e. New Teachers.
  • Shared On-site Training for several small schools or groups of small schools, hosted by one of the schools or at a location that best accommodates a group.
  • Train the Trainer Seminars for school systems that would prefer to have district staff serve as trainers for individual buildings.
  • Invitational Seminars with teachers or groups of teachers from a variety of area schools. We offer Invitational Seminars in several locations across the country each year.


On-site Training consists of powerpoint presentations, discussion, and handouts/worksheets on Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Student Motivation & Engagement. A 100 + page training manual for each participant is included in the training.

The typical Seminar or Training day ranges from 6-7 hours as determined in discussions with the school or district representative. Some schools or districts elect to schedule the training over a two-day period. That may be in terms of two content oriented days or one content oriented day, one partial content/follow-up or consultation day. All trainings are not only content delivered material but rather in a workshop format where educators have an opportunity to apply the information to their particular classroom or school area of expertise.

Time To Teach™ Follow-up and educational consultation are also available and are customized to a school or district needs

Differentiated Instructional Strategies Manual

100 page Training Manual

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College Graduate Credit & CEU’s Available


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Time To Teach™ Videos


Time To Teach™ Professional Development Resources


Does It Really Work? School Success Data


Time To Teach™ Beliefs



  • “I am a thirty year veteran.  I thought I’d seen all…done all.  However, I learned more today about successfully managing my classroom than I have in thirty-seven years of experience.  Maybe I’ll sign on for another five years!”  
    Image title 11
    Jim N.
    Classroom Teacher
  • "I can't tell you how much I enjoyed and learned from the workshop. I have used many of the things that were discussed at the workshop. What a difference it has made in my classroom! I can't wait to start my school year with all my new knowledge."
    Pre-K Teacher
    Kingston, MA
  • "The “Time to Teach” training that we received at our beginning of the year in-service was both informative and interesting.  It is hard to keep a group of teachers actively interested for such a length of time, but you managed.  It was truly a blessing.  Thank you!"
    Junior High Language Arts Teacher
    Omaha, NE
  • "I have been implementing many of the strategies learned. Due to the time of year, I am sure to see even greater results in the fall. I have noticed change. Well worth the day! You were great presenters and I found the resources so helpful. Thanks again!. I am letting administration know about the seminar."
    Image title 02
    Middle School Science Teacher
    East Bridgewater, MA
  • "I thought that Time to Teach was very helpful.  Over a lot years in education with many workshops and in-services, it was refreshing to attend one that tied so many of the different methods together.  It always feels good to have what I am doing in the classroom reviewed and affirmed. I appreciated that we didn't have to sit and listen all day.  The group activities were productive and enjoyable."
    Gayle G.
    Kindergarten Teacher
  • “It’s nice to have an in-service that keeps our attention as well as provided useful information. I will actually leave here having learned something that can be applied immediately! Thank you, thank you, and thank you.”
    L. C.
    10th Grade Language Arts Teacher

TLC Educational Solutions

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About The Trainers

Patricia and Terry Crum  are specialists in classroom management, building-wide student behavior and standards-based assessment. Their strong felt belief in the old adage, “in education if you are not moving ahead, you are falling behind, there is no such thing as standing still “, is a driving force in their continuing efforts to help teachers and administrators become more effective.

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