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Creating a Highly Engaged and Effectively Managed Classroom Environment

Building a Motivated Student Learning Environment Through Engagement and Modeling

Promoting Higher-Order Thinking Skills

Guiding Instruction Using Formative Assessment


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The goal of this Workshop Pricing Guide is to make it easy for schools to view the variety of scenarios we, at TLC Educational Solutions, have developed to make our national professional development opportunities affordable for schools of all sizes.  We train as a two-person team to provide our best one-on-one attention to participants in a workshop style.
The following segments provide sample pricing for each type of scenario.  You may notice that the training fee varies with the number of days over which the workshop is provided and in the case of a shared site, the number of schools participating in that workshop.  The manual pricing is reduced for large groups, and the expenses are dependent upon travel cost and accommodations at the workshop location.  We work to keep expenses as low as possible. Our goal is to make the professional development you seek for your staff affordable.

One-Day On-Site Workshop

Schedule up to 8 hours of professional development

Our One-Day On-Site workshops are designed and scheduled to meet your school’s specific goals and needs.  We work with each school to make sure the selected workshop addresses your goals and emphasizes the sessions that most support your school plan.  For this reason, we also design and print a unique manual for each school’s workshop.  If you choose to have us return for another workshop, we create the workshop and manual to reinforce the prior workshop while engaging staff in the new content.


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Multiple-Day On-Site Workshop

Schedule 6-9 hours of professional development

Our purpose for Multiple-Day On-Site Workshops is to accommodate for your schedule and allow for the maximum contact time within that schedule.  We have adapted to provide workshops with the following schedules: two 4-hour days, two or three 3-hour days, one six-hour day followed by a three-hour day.  There is a slight increase in costs for multiple days, however, it is easier for you to take advantage of the maximum workshop hours without wearing out teachers on a single day. We are ready to work with you to make professional development a positive experience for all participants and fit it into your schedule.

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Multiple-Schools Shared-Site Workshop

Schedule up to 8 hours of professional development

The Multiple-Schools Shared-Site option has been created to provide a reduced cost option for schools that are able to collaborate and share professional development at a single site.  This has been a popular option for groups of two to five schools. Schools across the country have taken advantage of this choice.  With this option, schools share both training fees and expenses.  At these workshops, schools can choose to have staff involved in workshop activities within their school groups or to work collaboratively with other schools. Schools located near each other and at a distance from each other have made this choice.

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Multiple-Schools On-Site Workshops

Schedule 6-8 hours of professional development per school

Multiple Schools On-Site workshops have helped schools that want their workshop to be personalized to their own school but can take advantage of a reduced cost when another school in the area can schedule their workshop within the same week.  This has been used for pairs of schools in the same area that either were too large to share a single site or because they made different choices from our workshop options.  For example, one school might want our classroom management workshop and the other school want to have teachers trained in developing higher-order thinking skills in their students.  With this option, the expenses are shared.

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Schedule a TLC Educational Solutions Workshop at Your School!

TLC Educational Solutions provides high-quality, strategy-based professional development for teachers and administrators throughout the United States and Canada. Strategy-based means that the on-site workshops or invitational seminars are planned and delivered to not only give the participants information about the educational topic, but more importantly provide researched-based strategies the educators can go back to their classrooms and schools and use immediately.

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TLC Educational Solutions Manuals Training/resource manuals are custom designed and printed for each on-site and each shared site workshop.  Our manuals have customized content and grade level examples to be relevant for the schools in attendance.  These 75-100+ page manuals contain both a guided workshop section and appendices filled with additional strategies and support information.  The pricing of these manuals is on this sliding scale:

1-99 copies @ $25.00

100-149copies @ $20.00

150+copies @ $17.50

We at TLC Educational Solutions want you to know our goal is to meet your needs at an affordable price.  We welcome your ideas as to how we can best meet your needs and encourage conversations that allow for a collaborative approach with you.  However, we also recognize some administrators want a workshop that does not require their time or input and we are happy to minimize the need for school input.

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