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To receive more information about a Time To TeachTM Presentation or Training, call or send an e-mail to:

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Specialists in Classroom Management/Building-wide Student Behavior and Standards-Based Assessment

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The Center For Teacher Effectiveness is rapidly becoming the leading provider of teacher training and staff development for educators in the United States, Canada, and abroad. We teach our innovative and highly effective strategies at seminars, education conferences, in schools and districts. We are helping teachers everywhere to find Time to Teach.

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The MOST popular seminar for teachers in America today!

Research shows that teachers lose an average of 5-9 hours a week dealing with student minor misbehavior.

In his book, “What Works In Schools” Dr. Robert Marzano said, “Success in the classroom will occur when one area is mastered. That area is classroom management.” His research shows classroom management can make a huge difference on students’ achievement gains – maybe as much as 20 percentile points. Dr. Robert Marzano’s research also proves effective teachers should possess a set of skills necessary to meet diverse student needs. Leave the seminar equipped with easy-to-implement classroom management strategies that will raise your students’ scores. Leave the seminar with easy-to-implement strategies to get rid of up to 90% of those pesky, low-level behaviors that take away from your instruction time.

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The most unchallenged assumption in school settings today is that kids come to school ready and willing to learn.  Generations of kids are coming to school un-socialized and without direction. Teachers lose an average of 5-9 hours a week dealing with minor misbehavior. Imagine how much more instruction could be accomplished with those hours available. We offer a strategy packed course that is presented at your building to groups of as few as 10, and up to 2,000 educators.  A Time To TeachTM full-day workshop provides educators the opportunity to earn up to 3 graduate credits for teacher certificate renewal or salary advancement. Time To TeachTM is a research and evidence based classroom management model which uses practical, proven, and powerful strategies to change inappropriate student behavior from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Researchers and leaders such as Robert Marzano agree as to which core elements consistently appear in effective classrooms, but these principles must be translated into useful strategies. Schools, districts, and teachers that undergo the this nationally acclaimed training routinely report a surge in: student test scores; teacher job satisfaction; student on-task time; parent and community involvement and support as well as an improved school climate. Time To TeachTM has been working extremely well in schools across the country for over 25 years. These strategies were developed with the help and guidance of Dr. Madeline Hunter and Coach John Wooden of UCLA. What is also great about Time To TeachTM is that it can be used alone, but also complements and enhances other management programs that schools are currently using, such as PBIS, RTI, RESPECT, Discipline With Purpose, ITC, etc. It fits well with concepts taught and reinforced by other educational consultants such as Harry Wong, Jim Fay, and Hal Urban. With current school conditions as challenging as they are, many districts are eagerly adding these simple solutions to continue to improve and enhance their campuses.
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Host a Time To TeachTM  Training at Your School!

Give us one day and we will give you strategies proven to increase student scores, expand parental support, and improve teacher job satisfaction – all while significantly reducing classroom disruptions.  – Raise standardized test scores for all students! – Teach MUCH MORE of your curriculum each year! – Develop classroom rapport and gain parental support – Empower students to learn appropriate classroom behavior! – Decrease discipline challenges and focus on teaching! – Eliminate nearly all multiple warnings and repeated requests!

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The concepts and techniques of Time To Teach™ are based on sixteen foundational beliefs. These are the five core beliefs:

Core Belief  #1: Caring is Key

Core Belief #2: Conflict is an essential part of growing up.

Core Belief #3: Good Behavior must be systematically taught.

Core Belief #4: Behavior Can Be Changed.

Core Belief #5: Good discipline is only a matter of good timing.

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