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Five Components Taught At a Time To Teach™ Seminar

We are especially known for assisting  teachers build exceptional classroom management skills. Good classroom management is a confluence of teacher actions in five distinct areas, each of which is taught in our professional development: (1) firmly but fairly carrying out disciplinary actions, (2) maintaining a keen and calm mental set for management, (3) properly arranging and designing the classroom environment, (4) building and maintaining strong student and teacher relationships, and (5) teaching-to and upholding expectations, rules and procedures.

Watch the short video below to learn more about these five key components and what our professional development opportunities can do for you and your school(s).

Testimonials From Those Who Have Experienced Time To Teach™

We hope that you will contact the associate from the Center for Teacher Effectiveness who is shown on the website hosting this video and information. But first, accompanied by our Teachin’ The Blues Away music, we present satisfaction comments from your colleagues who have attended our seminar. We are successful because we make teachers successful. It as a privilege to serve teachers and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure our teachers are 100% satisfied. All of us at the “Center” gauge our success by our teachers’ success. Ninety-eight percent of attending leaders and teachers say they are extremely excited to attend another training, and ninety-nine percent strongly recommend our training to other educators! Why? Because we measure quality, not by the inherent success of our strategies themselves, but by the degree to which those successes meet teacher and student needs. We teach only those strategies that research has told us our teachers want and need. We also work closely with our participants after the training to refine and enhance their classroom and building strategies, to improve student behavior and performance, and to improve the positive feeling tone in their classrooms and schools.

School Successes (Narrated)

Recent classroom, school- and district-wide successes are the focus of this short narration. At the end of the narrative you will enjoy some of the music and lyrics from our CD, Teachin’ The Blues Away — which was produced to accompany our nationally acclaimed training. Enjoy!

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Leadership Magazine Article

Following a Time To Teach™ training, this alternative at-risk high school in California was featured in Leadership magazine for showing dramatic gains in students passing exit exams (graduating), and also for equally dramatic reductions in referrals, suspensions and expulsions. The trend has continued for four years and the teachers and students at this high school report a very significant and positive systemic cultural change.

Administrators Say Time To Teach™ Works Great for Their Schools

This video shows short statements given by five school administrators who have experienced Time To Teach™ and its impact on their schools. They will discuss a decrease in office (and bus) referrals, discipline problems & suspensions going down, test scores going up, greater respect for students and teachers, teacher-staff buy-in, and the general mood of teachers and general school environment. Their successes have been replicated by thousands of school throughout the United States and now other countries.

School and District Successes (Graphically Represented)

Classroom, school- and district-wide success data are graphically presented. If you like data, and especially graphical data, you will enjoy this brief video. Learn how we provide a system that reduces referrals, increases parental support and student scores and improves teacher job satisfaction. The data is presented with music and lyrics from our CD, Teachin’ The Blues Away.

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